The Challenge - ‘A night at the museum' 

One day Helen went to a museum to see the Egypt galleries. First she saw the mummies. Then she saw the stone sculptures. After exploring the galleries she began to feel very tired. She sat down on a bench to take a rest. She leaned her head against the glass case behind her seat and fell asleep. All of a sudden, a strange noise woke her up. When she opened her eyes, the room was dark. She realised that she must have been asleep for hours. She tried to find her way out of the museum but all of the doors were locked. She realised that she was locked in the museum- all alone in the dark... As Helen wandered around the museum, she saw many large statues- they seemed to have grown since she saw them that afternoon. Each one was now taller than she was!


To help Helen get out of the museum you must wake the statues. Each statue is of an ancient Egyptian god or goddess who has lost an important tool or object. Click on a statue to ‘wake' the god or goddess. They will tell you what object they have lost. You must find the objects that they are looking for and return them. When you return the correct object to them, they will tell you which statue you need to wake up next. Good luck- Helen is counting on you...