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What was Nubia called by the ancient Egyptians?

Nubia was known to the ancient Egyptians by many names. Throughout Egyptian history it was called 'Kush', 'Ta-sety' (Land of the Bow), and 'the Southern Lands'. 'Nubia' was actually the name given to the land to the south of Egypt during the Roman period.

How did the ancient Egyptians feel about foreigners?

Ivory fragment showing a pharaoh and foreigner
The ancient Egyptians came into contact with people from other lands through trade and war. The Egyptians were suspicious of 'foreigners' and often thought of people from other countries as enemies of Egypt.

Who were the enemies of Egypt?

At the time of Ramesses II, the Egyptians believed that Egypt was the centre of the world and that their enemies came from the four points of the world, the North, South, East, and West. Furthest North were the Hittites who controlled areas in Syria and Asia Minor. To the South were the Nubians, who shared Egypt's southern border. To the Northeast were the Asiatics, who controlled territory in the Levant and the Near East. And finally, to the West, were the Libyans who controlled the land to the West of Egypt on the African coast.