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Did Ramesses II have a big family?

Ramesses II had many wives during his lifetime, and it is estimated that he had about 110 children. Recently, a tomb has been found in the Valley of the Kings with many burial chambers. Experts believe that Ramesses II's children were buried in this tomb.

How do you think that they worked out who was buried there?

Where was he buried?

Ramesses II was buried in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb is a rock-cut tomb known as 'KV 7' (when archaeologists began digging in the Valley of the Kings, they assigned each tomb a 'King's Valley' or 'KV' number).

What buildings did he build?

Ramesses II is known for building some of the largest and grandest buildings in ancient Egypt. One of the most famous buildings that survives today is the temple of Abu Simbel.