Last updated 20th September 1999


Welcome to the British Museum's web site on ancient Egypt. These 'Staff Room' pages have been developed to help teachers get the most out of the web site for themselves and for their class. It is intended for upper Key Stage 2 schoolchildren and their teachers but we hope that other groups may find it useful too.

Description of the site
An overview of the structure of the site

A description of the types of resources available

Egyptian Life
The Egyptian Life chapter introduces basic aspects of daily life for the ancient Egyptians, including the food they ate, how they dressed, and what jobs they did.

The Geography chapter presents the basic geographical features of both ancient and modern Egypt.

Gods and Goddesses
The Gods and Goddesses chapter features an animated creation myth and a collection of information about the principal deities worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.

The Mummification chapter outlines the process of mummification and explains the purpose of funerary objects.

The Pharaoh chapter explains the symbolic and political role of the ruler in ancient Egypt.

The Pyramids chapter features information about the building of the pyramids and a reconstruction of the Great Pyramid.

The Temples chapter introduces pupils to the basic structure and use of temples in ancient Egypt.

The Time introduces how time was kept in ancient Egypt, and includes multiple time lines tracing different aspects of ancient Egyptian life and culture.

The Trades chapter introduces pupils to some of the trades practised by craftsmen in ancient Egypt, including jewellery-making and carpentry.

The Writing chapter outlines the scripts used in ancient Egypt, and explains where and how writing was used.

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by key element
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Educational goals
A statement outlining the educational framework within which this web site was constructed.

Set-up advice
Practical guidance on: classroom set-up, using the website, printing, navigation.

An A-Z list of complicated words, Egyptological terms and historical terms that are used and defined in the site.